So excited that the first episode of L.A Underground is now available to listen to on Mixcloud.

This has been something I have been excited about for some time. Every month I will showcase some incredible underground electronic music, including a hot mix by myself or a guest. I will also be interviewing some amazing people from the music and film industry in Los Angeles.

This first month, I take it back to the beginning of my DJ life and welcome BFunk to the studio for a guest mix. B Funk taught me to DJ back in 1994. His thoughts on the music scene and his mix is incredible as are the rest of the tracks on the show.

Check it out and let me know what you think!! x

Never underestimate the importance of a good hug. It’s restorative. It feeds your soul.

Eats Everything has a hug for everyone. On his way into the DJ booth at Hollywood’s Sound last night, he hugs person after person, with a particularly big one saved for Sound resident, fellow Bristolian, and final opener, Kiddkitt who lit the room up at just the right moment. Then he starts dancing with such positive abandon that if you didn’t know already, Eats Everything is raver first and DJ second. As Kiddkitt launches his last track, he stops the music just to scream ‘Eats Everything!!!’ All erupt in cheers. Before even putting his headphones on, Eats Everything has netted the love of the room.

The return of UK’s Edible label boss to Los Angeles has been hotly anticipated. The Bristol hero first arrived on the US electronic radar via the Dirtybird crew and he’s now unquestionably cemented in the upper echelon of House and Techno DJs worldwide. He hasn’t played in Los Angeles yet this year and the greeting he received last night at Sound tells you everything. LA has missed him.

Sound is a beautiful club both aesthetically and sonically. The main room glistens with colour and the Pioneer system packs a huge punch — plenty of pant-flapping low end frequencies yet still magically maintains perfect clarity of sound on the high end. In other words, this system loves House and Techno. Deep affection for the art of the DJ even extends to mad visual respect for tools of the trade – Sound displays spare DJ equipment in a locked cage next to the bar, like priceless works of art. It simultaneously demystifies the tools of the trade and says ‘only the chosen few can play with these.’

Among the most enticing features of the club, is being one room.  Step inside and you are practically on the dance floor. Two possible configurations place the DJ either at one end of the rectangular space or like tonight, right in the middle of the long side, a brilliant choice because you feel like the DJ is on the dance floor WITH you. And that’s really the optimum way to experience a set from Eats Everything. He doesn’t just bring the music, he brings the party.

True to form, Eats Everything effortlessly took the crowd on an underground electronic adventure, traversing between punchy Tech House and rich, unrelenting Techno, always laced with gritty vocals and samples, some from his existing catalogue and others completely fresh. He never loses contact with the crowd and there isn’t a track that goes by over the two-and-a half hour set where he isn’t dancing with us, hugging friends in the booth, shaking hands with fans or just clearly engrossed in the music he plays.

Don’t be hoodwinked by Eats Everything’s party excitement and ‘joi de vivre,’ though. That’s his spirit but the backbone of what he does is technical excellence. Four decks, a Xone 92 mixer and multiple effects pedals are all utilised to create unrivalled flow and moments of high drama. He sucks the crowd in with acid grooves and just as they settle in, hits them hard with a Techno battery that sits at a bpm fast enough to put you in a frenzy yet slow enough that it can catch you and pull you around the dance floor.

Winning over the crowd in this Hollywood hub for House Music is no gimme. Like Hollywood itself, this room is not homogenous and killer DJs attract locals, tourists, diehard music fans and more from every corner of LA and beyond: So the fact that Eats Everything was able to galvanise this dance floor into a heaving mass of excitement, says it all. No. Surprise. Eats Everything never gave up his spot on the dance floor and it’s like he took every person in Sound, drew us into a group hug and we all jumped up and down. And as we know… that’s what feeds the soul.


This review originally appeared in Data Transmission

PHOTOS: Leif Bergerson  / Instagram @chiefleif

It takes time. A long time. It takes time to get anywhere in this beautiful country we live in. It takes time to travel. It takes time to pack. To sleep. It takes time to get to know somewhere, people, yourself. The one thing I can be sure of, whatever it is I am trying to achieve will take some time. Nothing comes quick or easy or ever goes exactly to plan. I just wrapped in Philadelphia on the movie Miss Atkins’ Army (working title). I knew there would be a week in the middle when I was ‘on hold’ – the term given to an actor told to stay town just in case you’re needed, which you never RARELY are. – and I knew therefore I’d have some some time on my hands.  As coincidence would have it,  my first short film I directed, ‘The Break’ was to play just a few original colonies* away  at the Richmond International Film and Music Festival during this gap.  Being on hold meant I was able to attend the screening and throw another edition of Voltage, my pop-up nightclub born in RVA just the year prior. It was an intense day that became two.  Prepping the party, introducing my film and then DJing into early hours of the next morning. Incredible talent from as far as Italy and as local as Richmond graced the stage and we delivered to a killer crowd. The Richmond trip turned into an unexpected celebration as we were awarded the Audience Award for Best Short Film. Combined, the Break & Voltage represent years made up of (often) agonizing hours of preparation. That, my friends, is why we play. Why we dance. Hard. I’m so proud of the team that brought the film to life with me and we are working to make it available online as soon as we can, so watch this space. Knowing I would be on the East Coast for some time meant I was able to play 4 gigs over the two weeks —  two parties in Philly with a new promoter, donnerstag,  who is now a friend, (we even wrote a track together during a 4-hour challenge we set ourselves, so keep an eye out for that soon) and a kickass party at Warehouse on Watts alongside the epic Christian Martin of Dirty Bird, and finally a return to one of my all time favourite clubs for Residents Night at Flash in DC for a Cinco de Mayo gig. I pulled in some killer DC DJs, for a Voltage takeover of Flash’s first floor. As always it was a popping night that pushed all the way on to 4am. Now, as I sit here on a plane, flying back to Los Angeles to reunite with my family who I miss like crazy, I am feeling grateful for the knowledge that time presents not just hours, but opportunity, to be filled with whatever it is that fuels your engine. It’s taken me years to look at these stretches of time as a blank canvas, availing itself to whatever I want to throw on it. And now, time has brought me back to my loved ones where I intend to dissolve for however much time I am able to do so. Fill every minute, it’s time well spent. 

*I’m taking my immigration civics test this week! Results forthcoming.



This is a quick update to my schedule and to let you know of some killer shows I will be a part of over the next couple of weeks.

First, this Saturday night at BAR X in Philadelphia – where I am shooting a new movie about female spies in World War II called Miss. Atkins’ Army – I will be joining the lineup for the incomparable EXIT. This should be a lot of fun.


Then I am on to the Richmond International Film and Music Festival where my film The Break is playing and the next edition of VOLTAGE. The Pop-Up Nightclub tears it up at The Hof.


A new date just added is MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU at Warehouse on Watts back in Philly.

may the 4th be with yu

The next day I will be jetting over to DC for ROUKIN & FRIENDS at FLASH. I will be joined by two of my favourite DJs in DC, RAPTORSTEIN and THE BARBER STREISAND.


Hope to see as many of you as I can at one or all of the events. All 4?! There will have to be some sort of prize for that!

car pack

It’s possible you don’t know this about me — and why would you?— but here’s a fun fact: I am an EXCELLENT packer. Not to be confused with any 2nd Amendment nonsense, I’m talking about well-regulated packing with purpose. Packing that makes life BETTER.  The Boot (aka trunk), car, case, truck, backpack, snackpack…give it here, I’ll make it work. With, dare I say, scientific precision, I can determine weight, bulk, stackability, foldability, factor in need and joy potential and divide all that by the smallest iota of space available for what tends to be an epic trip. AND it affords me the chance to use a favourite motto with satisfying frequency:  Give it here. It’ll Fit.

Whether this trait is one gifted by Nature or nurtured during youth camp drills where we had to pack a car quickly, you know, just in case (thanks, Lads and Girls Brigade), it’s become how I tend to view my life. What’s next?? Give it here. Hence, April 2018…

This month is already packed tight, with more things to come daily, so stay tuned. First, my new mix is just about to land with some beautiful new music that’s rocking my world right now, so please check it out and tell me what you think, compliments first, of course

And if you happen to be in Richmond, VA, or plan to be now that you’re reading this, I’m thrilled to announce the debut film I wrote and directed, The Break, about a young DJ getting his, screens at the 2018 Richmond International Film Festival on April 26th at The Byrd Theatre. After its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival in October, I’m honoured its journey continues, because The Break gave life to another big event in my world as a DJ, the pop-up night club I run called VOLTAGE. Another fun fact: VOLTAGE is named after the club in the movie.

VOLTAGE features a night of local electronic talent (and me) wherever the club pops up, often with a kick-back to local charity. This will be the 3rd, to take place right after the screening, in Downtown Richmond at The Hofheimer Building. Tickets available HERE!! As it is folded into the festival, some of the ‘local talent’ are acts from around the world attending the festival, alongside those from RVA. It’s going to, as the kids say, blow your fucking head off (in a good way) so be there.  Especially exciting about this one – as an homage to the film, this month’s VOLTAGE has a contest that gives a local DJ her/his big break – a set at the club.  Because, life, like turntables, is circular. (See what I did there?) Contest info. can be found here.

Following that for Cinco de Mayo I’ll also be doing a set at FLASH in DC. Important question: Have you been to this club? It rivals the best night clubs I’ve been to around the world with highest scores possible in vibe, system, talent & turnout. Thrilled to be back there and will look for your lovely faces.

Next?! I’ve also been logging major time in the studio and working with some greats I’ll tell you about later, composing some new tracks I can’t wait to share with you guys.

April, pretty packed, with more to come.  Give it here. It’ll fit.  But remember, as with most things, just don’t put the Diet Coke on top or you’ll have a right mess.